My Car Does What


Pretty cool site from the National Safety Council, called My Car Does What?: “ is a national campaign to help educate drivers on new vehicle safety technologies designed to help prevent crashes. These technologies range from increasing the stability and control of cars to providing warnings about crash threats to automatically intervening to avoid or reduce the severity of a crash.”

Interesting navigation on both left and right – and like how the pre-loaders are actually a summary of the page you’re about to view. Think it as a very good A to B to C flow through each Safety Feature page – well thought out – complete with short and long-form videos and instructions to get their tips across.

Found via article:




Made by:
The National Safety Council: @nscsafety
The University of Iowa Public Policy Center: @uippc
..with help from @usmangroup   ( ? I think. – both National Safety Council and usmangroup are in Chicago and the wordpress theme being used is called ‘usmangroup’)


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