Mukesh Suthar

Cool, quick portfolio one pager from Mukesh Suthar out of India. Of course love the Rubik’s Cube preloader – good movement through the rest of the site between the sliders and skill counters. Like the way he has the faceted search on the Work section too – it seems cleaner than most like it.

From the Designer: “I am a Creative Web Designer & Front-End Developer based in Udaipur, India. An expert in all aspects of website design.

I have passion for design stunning websites that work well, look great and are built intelligently. I believe that a design should be strongly indicative of the subjects it represents in order to ensure effective communication in a crowded visual world.”

Submitted by: Mukesh Suthar
Twitter: @dmukeshsuthar
Role: Designer
Country: India

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  1. Matt B

    Friends don’t let friends use scrolljacking. This practice must stahp! Nice site but there is literally no benefit to messing w the scroll speed.


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