Movement Mortgage

Yesterday, we posted a real estate site that broke molds of website design that exist in their industry – today we do the same, with the financial / mortgage industry with Movement Mortgage. As Brittney says below, user experience on most mortgage sites are pretty horrible. Movement’s site is clean, easy to navigate (on mobile too), and has good lazy-load / on-scroll movement. Especially like the work on the the Our Process page – good svg’d timeline that builds as you scroll down the page.

From the Designer: “This is our newly launched website at Movement Mortgage. We constantly strive to be a movement of change in our industry. We felt that most mortgage websites lack a great user experience. We wanted to break out of the mold with our design, and showcase who we are and why we exist in an exciting way!”

Submitted by: Brittney Singleton
Role: Designer
Country: United States


Aaron Griswold

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