Montessorium is gaining ground in the iTunes store, and their site reflects why. As a parent of three kids who have gone to Montessori schools, we were always looking for ways to bridge the gap between school and home with toys and tools that you would have in the classroom. The Montessorium suite of apps seems to provide that, but unlike other apps out there, they keep in the spirit of Montessori which relies on manipulation of simple toys and tools that are usually made of wood or other natural resources.

The site itself has a clean and structured look, with vibrant pictures of their apps being the centerpieces (also Montessori traits). So basically, I like how they’ve taken an educational philosophy that is dear to their hearts (the owners of the app company also own a school), and they’ve woven it into their design philosophy for this site. This should not only help them garner praise for the design, but also help them sell apps to their target market – and that my friends is, well, smart.

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