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Very cool product here, and equally well done website. What i’m digging most is all the fiddly stuff in the main nav/logo area. I love how the logo changes out as you scale the page to different screen widths. I also really like the finishing touches put on the hamburger menu, the way it slides up to flush right when you scroll down and there’s even a little indicator that you can use it.

A product presentation (and later online sales) website for a completely innovative and modern age ready desk system – Modulos. With the surface being fully modular, and modules having the ability to be functional, you can have a desk that’s just perfect for you now, and will evolve as you need it to!

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  1. Matej Grozdanović

    Hi Gene! I’m the guy standing behind the product and the website’s design and code 🙂 Thank you for your great review of our site! It makes me really happy to read a great reaction to our work from someone deep in the web industry.


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