Beautiful website design for meltmedia. I love every aspect of this website. There’s plenty of little detail work to keep you into it. Like the effect used on the team headshots, love that. Then there’s the case studies too, beautiful look and feel here, also solid page layout.

From the Designer:

Our company recently rebranded and launched a new website under my guidance. We focused on building an information rich website (which is still a work in progress, mind you) that delighted the visitor. We’re still working on things as they pop and plan to include new sections but we’re proud and ready to see visitors using the site!

Submitted by: Sunny Thaper
Twitter: @sunnythaper
Role: Designer
Country: USA


  1. Sunny Thaper

    Thanks Gene for the kind words! We are honored to be featured on UMS!

  2. Amory Borromeo

    Awesome job on this site Sunny and team. Thanks so much Gene for sharing.


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