Some of the words you want to associate with a hotel are comfort, luxury, and clean. That pretty much sums up my overall first impression when I came to this site. The colors are warm and classy. The textures are soft and tactile.The typography and layout is clean and inviting. The information architecture on the home page seems pretty solid too. It’s essentially a landing page for all types of visitors. The area that takes primary focus for me was the search/booking area. The great images below it do a good job of reinforcing the appeal of continuing to search for a snazzy hotel room and also lets me know of special deals going on right now. If I wanted to do a bit more digging, or have a need other than just booking a room (like, maybe I have a conference booking interest) the next section on the page helps me to engage further with nice images and relevant copy. Lastly, for the less impulsive site visitor, there’s a really great section full of links with effective headers that really make the browse or search easy. Kudos to them for putting so much information displayed in several different ways all on one page and upholding a nice design aesthetic along the way.