Lab Coworking Space

The color theme really brings me into this site, and the simple imagery makes it feel like a ‘home away from home’.  For those nomads and coworkers like me out there a nice cowork is a must, and the clean/crisp/simple feel of the site speaks up about this place in a humble way. The Lab cowork itself is located in Phoenix AZ.

On their website I dig the simple animations, and super simple navigations. See what inspiration you can draw from it, and go check it out for yourself.

From the Designer:
A responsive site promoting a boutique coworking space. Meant to be a departure from the sterile or corporate coworking websites that saturate the space. Designed to be friendly with both wide with monitors and mobile devices. A simple menu function that functions the same on all devices and an active blog with large feature images.

Submitted by: Robert Renteria
Twitter: @RobertCRenteria
Role: Founder



John David Hunt

John is a freelancer for all things related to the 'web'. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies including an emphasis on Web Design and Computer Science. As a Westerner who followed a Southern Belle home, John now resides with his family in South Carolina.