Kirin – Mets

“We Want Mets – We’re the funky, spunky, younger generation…” is now in my brain for the rest of the day – well played Kirin – well played.

I’ve been a fan of Kirin, out of Japan, since before I can legally say. They have a soft drink called Mets – and it’s website is crazy good. On the crazy side – just look at the color palette over to the right on this page to get a sense of what you’re about to get into. Then get your headphones on – the jingle is worth it. And there should probably be a warning about epileptic shock – but fun all the way through. There’s video, video background, changing colors, animated SVGs, Dragon Ball Z, and a break-dancing green dinosaur….. yep… now go get some fun for the day!


Aaron Griswold

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