Into the Vineyard

After putting on ConvergeSE last week, needed a decent site to ease into gallery reviews for UMS – Into The Vineyard out of Vancouver did that for me.

My wife and I love wine and travel – so good combo. I like the flow and imagery of the site. And I know that you may want the Wine Tours to live on the Home page – but thinking it through, I like going down this path of “main thing – click here to do what we want you to do” – instead of being inundated with so many choices on the home page. I also like the little sercies of the countries done in grapes – and try to spot the change on the pricing area for New Zealand – smart nerd marketing!


From the Designer: A travel company that focuses on travel to the wine regions of the world.

Submitted by: Andy Rogers
Role: Designer
Location: Vancouver, BC Canada


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Creating Delight in Website Design and Development

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