Innovate Map

Solid midwestern work from InnovateMap out of Indianapolis (borrowing from the designer below). Like this trend to have softer edges on images, more of an Instagram feel when it comes to portraying companies (compared to sites that have stark, bright, fake / stock photos portraying their people). It’s a clean site, and I think it accomplishes their goal to “start the conversation” through their copy describing what they do.

From the Designer:
“InnovateMap is a product agency located in Indianapolis, Indiana that helps companies dream, design, and deliver outstanding software products.
It was of utmost importance to us to keep people at the center of our branding. Our employees are the best in the business, and the relationships we form and maintain with our customers are the driving force behind our success.
We wanted our site to be an informative prologue to generate conversations with future clients. All design, photography, development, and copywriting were completed in-house to tell our story as accurately as possible. Our hope is that we portray our authenticity and Midwestern work ethic to site visitors, and that we generate not only digital conversations, but genuine interactions with prospects seeking a human touch in their products.”


Submitted by: Innovate Map
Role: Designer



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