Hunger Crunch

Gio and I saw these guys talk in Greenville at Grok last year. Listen – the site is great. It has some subtle animation and appropriate parallax, making you feel like you’re in the game.

But.. the point of the Hunger Crunch site is not just the game attached to it – it’s the heart that is behind it, and to it’s sister site,


The game designer, Brian Martin, that spoke at Grok was so passionate about how each Beastie that you ride (that he hand crafted) to fight all the Agents of Hunger while playing a video game, adds up eventually to a hungry orphaned child somewhere in the world actually getting a bowl of rice. My first thought was – yeah, I always wanted to play video games for a living – I can get on board with this – do some good at the same time!


So this isn’t a normal review – but I think it’s worth it, especially during this time of year to look a little beyond our normal gift giving of plastic and tech stuff – and use those things to make your world, and someone else’s just a little bit better today.



Aaron Griswold

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