Hell’o Baby


I wasn’t a fan of this app product page for Hell’o Baby at first. When we have a site submitted to us, we immediately check for responsiveness by pulling the browser left and right, checking for how the site resizes. Hell’o Baby at the iPhone view on desktop, not so good – but on an actual iPhone – very good. After I realized that, I went back and looked at the site again – fun illustration and icons – really playing to their audience (moms and/or really hip dads). the features of the app itself are really cool too (as someone who has three kids, and have been over-documenting their every step for 10 years…).


From the Designer: Interactive cross-platform baby album with additional services: measurements, stickers, video stories, printed albums, postcards

Submitted by: Vitaliy Urban
Twitter: @v_urban
Role: Designer

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