Grupo TCA

Cool site for Groupo TCA, looks to be made by Manya (@wwwManyaPe) out of Peru. If you look past the lorem ipsum in the blog, and the dead social media links… the site is pretty cool – and since this is a design gallery – we’ll just look at the design. Great, and different illustrations / animated icons. Love the movement in the background and foreground – might be a little distractive – but fits well with the design (I hope that makes sense – look at it and tell me).

From the Designer: Grupo TCA es una página web que brinda soluciones tecnológicas a sus clientes. Su especialidad es consultorías TI y proveer soluciones únicas a través del desarrollo de tecnología nueva.

Submitted by: Yankale Hochman
Twitter: @grupotca
Role: Designer & Developer


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