Get Your Creative Diagnosis

Pretty nifty chatbot type interface. The way they’ve mixed it with the funny video in the background and the super solid layout that surrounds it makes it really sing. I dig this.

From the Designer:

Are you an Electric Witch, a Trucker, a Crazy Ex or a Fire Starter? It all depends on what kind of creative mind you have.

Using the research of cognitive neuroscientist Arne Dietrich, which identified four unique creative types, we developed a chatbot that only needs to ask you four questions to determine your creative persona.

​We took inspiration from famous creativity tests such as the Torannce Tests of Creative Thinking, the Remote Associates Test, and The Candle Problem to develop our questions—with a Dr. Dahl twist. Paired with the genius of a completely fake doctor, our Creativity Diagnosis System™—patent pending—and Dr. Dahl are standing by to diagnose you.

Submitted by: Marianne Litman
Twitter: @useformat
Role: Marketing Specialist
Country: Canada


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