FullStory Session Replay


Post written by John Williams:

This is one of my first projects since starting at FullStory in April. I joined the team because FullStory is such an unbelievably cool piece of tech. We wanted to make a landing page that would really hammer the core of what makes us great: high fidelity playback of all user sessions, lovingly recreated IN CODE, not video, to provide an instantly searchable database of every single real user interaction that happens on your site.

The site’s goal is to drive new trials and highlight our playback. We offer trial signup throughout the site, but this landing page is designed to have several points of entry for users who are ready to go, or for users who need to read further. I made a few fun little animations, like when you focus the top form, the animated SVGs, and the little “install” toy.

Submitted by: John Williams
Twitter: @johnwilliams713
Role: Designer & Developer
Country: USA


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