Frank Underwood 2016

We don’t review political websites normally – And – maybe I’m a little politically jaded, but he’s the only candidate that I’ve seen that’s actually honest with his intent.

If you don’t immediately recognize this as a reference to NetFlix’s House of Cards – I can’t help you. Go get NetFlix and watch the first three seasons.

For those of you in the know, you’ve probably grown pretty fond of this anti-hero from our own state of South Carolina – Frank Underwood – and are proud of the #FU2016 campaign…. haha.

This is a fun, two-page site – with a couple of cool little gifts of interaction. It also has downloadable media kit images. And don’t forget to check out Claire Underwood’s profile – priceless. The site is visually majestic – and is better than most of the other candidate sites.



Aaron Griswold

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