Flick Electric


This Flick Electric site out of New Zealand, done by Traverse Digital¬†in Wellington, is an example of breaking through barriers in an industry that is classically resistant to change (at least in the design sense). Flick looks to be a power / electric company that challenges the norm for the industry in their business model – so it’s appropriate that their site do the same. Love the bold yellow, black and white that’s accented by muted colors throughout the site – the flat illustration and icon work – and the SVG work, especially on the Details page. I wish our local power company would start thinking about being bolder in their design offering (if not other offerings too…).





  1. Spotlight on Flick: a web project | Traverse - […] site has already been profiled by UK based website blog, unmatchedstyle¬†and commended for the use of bright colours contrasted…

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JavaScript and Accessibility

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