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New Years is a time of new beginnings. Each year at this time, billions of people try to re-ground themselves, decide what they’ll focus on for the upcoming year (or couple of weeks…you know what I mean), and grow into that new person they want to be.

So it’s fitting that we review a site that is about all those things, just in a tighter time span, and, um… with zombies…?

@UNIT9 out of London has put together a short HTML5 game that has great cinematic qualities, and edge of your seat, but simple game play – with you making the decisions between the character’s life and death. I’m still a little amped up after playing it on the moderate level.

Unit9 describes the site / game as a “live action experience that blurs the line between a zombie game and a branded interactive film.” Also like the social media links that help the marketing of the game. You can tweet this to your followers: “If you don’t hear from me in 6 minutes, please call mommy or grab an axe and help me! #fiveminutes” before you play the game – and I missed the one after I finished the game – just know, I finished it….

Happy “New Beginnings” Zombies!

EDIT: Sorry – just added the link.


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