Lovely home page design. With the split/slide in animation of the creative tools as you slide down the page the site immediately feels activated. I think that’s the point given the subject matter and way the FieldTrip conference is supposed to play out. Just read the description of what it’s all about:

The bastard child of an outdoor music festival and a live cooking demonstration, each presenter will be performing a unique ‘act’ exclusive to Field Trip which will reveal the creative process from start to finish as a new work is created from the ground up, or an existing brief is laid out on the slab and dissected. Mistakes will be made, secrets revealed, and collaborations will be aplenty.

Now I really dig the website, it’s details and interaction on the home page. But I have to say it was really hard to find out what it was that this conference is all about and what makes it so different. It truly looks like it’s going to be quite badass too.


Gene Crawford

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