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Definitely like how Fat Media is doing the foreground / background imaging with a different slant (figuratively and literally). The scrolling animation seems pretty seamless on the home page – and like the hover state of the staff on the home page too.

Submitted by: Dominic Williams @Fatmedia
Role: Designer

Fat Media Ltd is a UK Based, award-winning digital marketing company.

With many awards for our creative design, innovative programming and digital marketing services, we pride ourselves on achieving results in all projects and campaigns for our clients.

Our latest website uses the latest HTML 5, JavaScript and responsive design techniques. It also incorporates parallax elements and embedded time-lapse videos of our team and HQ, and lots of other interactive features.

SEO is a high priority so all pages are fully optimised and structured for maximum search engine performance.

A collaborative piece of work involving the whole Fat Media team. In a nutshell – practicing what we preach.


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