Submitted by: John Ashenden @ashenden
Role: Designer & Developer

The all-in-one customer support app for small business & teams. Desk approached The BKRY to help lead the redesign and development of both their identity and web site. The project spanned ~3 months. The end product is a beautifully crafted website with a clear and clean message. The site is also an expert example of responsive design, changing content layout and display across 4 different resolutions.

Really nice work across the board on the website. My favorite pieces are the slideshow, I really dig how the images load overlaid like that. Then I mostly love the progression of content as you scroll down the page, expertly crafted IMHO.


  1. James Coates

    love the execution of the responsive images in the header of the homepage, pleasantly surprised to see this wasn’t a single page site, which when scrolling I initially thought it was, when it’s actually loaded with content. Great selection. In true UMS fashion – some inspiration ammunition!

    • UnmatchedStyle

      That slideshow area is very nice indeed!


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