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Visual design expert with 15 years of experience across branding, UX/UI, product design, and graphic design projects. Aaron is a people person who has managed designers as well as client relations throughout his career. He earned his bachelor's in fine arts from Savanna College of Art & Design in 2010 with a focus on graphic design.

The site’s approach is to incorporate animations in an engaging way, bold colors, and a sleek flow in order to show the joy and expertise that Daydrift wants to provide its clients. Design is diverse. Daydrift approaches design as a developing system of improvement.

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  1. lisa

    Visually I think this looks fun but UX/UI looks a bit poor.

    The ‘Why’ section locks the user in [unless you ask them to use the scrollbar on the desktop] into having to scroll through each of the x4 options before they can actually continue any further down the page.

    The desktop also scrolls to the right which means the development hasn’t been QA’d. The site isn’t secure [SSL] and as a user, it’s frustrating that the work examples don’t open up for me to view more – so the showcase of the work all sits on a few small thumbnails.

    Would love to see some more examples of great UI/UX sites.


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