Conor Mcgregor Official Site

Pretty nice site for Conor Mcgregor the UFC fighter. Typically sport specific athlete websites are horrible, this one is not. It’s simple and minimal and has really good photography and typography. I like just about every aspect to it. Good show of restraint on this design for something that often times doesn’t embrace it.

From the Designer:

Stilt Media is a full-service digital creative agency based out of Miami, purposed as an internal creative marketing department to help build businesses in various industries. We take on branding and marketing challenges through a media-agnostic approach, and pride ourselves on developing innovative solutions. In an industry that is evolving rapidly, conventional thinking is not enough. We must be willing to create unique, engaging brand experiences.

Submitted by: Christian Pereira
Twitter: @stiltmedia


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Creating Delight in Website Design and Development

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