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Do you remember Yahoo Stores? I had a local client a couple of years ago that I had to move their store from Yahoo Stores, to a different platform. Forget the three databases of information that I had to parse through to get one inventory number, to then match up with their POS… (still have nightmares)… but the templating languages of both the Yahoo Stores and also the new platform were ridiculous…

So when I see a custom theme for a Shopify store that looks as nice and clean as Concrete Matter’s does, I know that things are finally progressing well in online stores for smaller companies. I like how all the support design elements of the site are flat, but then coupled with hi-res product images that give depth to the site. Plus, between the “Flying Machine Airplane” and the “Anatomical Fish Heart”, what’s not to like about the site?


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Creating Delight in Website Design and Development

Creating Delight in Website Design and Development

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