Charlie Was A Sinner

It took me a minute, and still don’t know who Charlie is (they don’t talk about Charlie) – but if I’m in Philadelphia (maybe this summer), I’m going to check out this vegan restaurant, that boast of “small plates and strong drinks” – Charlie was a Sinner.

The site, designed by P’unk Ave (@punkave)- video background and looks like animated SVG through out – gives it a feel something old, made by something new – the embodiment of The Maltese Falcon, within a website for a vegan bar (yeah… that all makes sense right?). There are some sites that you just look at and say, “that’s cool” and want to be part of it – without looking at all the technical and design aspects – this is one of those.

BTW – here’s an article written by the graphic designer that helped brand the bar, Mike Smith. (@mikesmith187)


Aaron Griswold

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