Camp Woodward

My wife and daughter have spent the week at summer camp – Camp Woodward to be exact. If you’re a 7 to 18 year old skateboarder, gymnast, cheerleader, or videographer – this place is nirvana. They’ve had a great week, and figured this would be my little thank you to the camp for providing such a great time.

Thanks aside – love this site. There is so much going on at the camp, and the site reflects that. Business and UX-wise – I really like the fact that they cut to the chase with the high traffic items on the right, and the main nav has “Start Here” – that cuts through any other noise. Content for the site is continually made throughout the camp season – primarily by campers – and is present all over the site to help sell. Speaking of content, check out the Videos / WoodwardTV – which is a separate site – but awesome layout for the videos.


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