Build Focus

I really like the simple approach of just centering the design here. The illustration is spot on and makes me want to see what this app will look like. Solid construction.

From the Designer:

This is the pre-launch landing page for a new productivity startup: Build Focus. It’s a simple single-page site, aiming to catch users keen to fight off the distractions of the internet, and get more focus and concentration themselves day to day.

Build Focus itself is a productivity tool that trains your mind, to wean you off checking Facebook every five minutes and onto focused concentration, so you can beat distraction and get things done.

Inspired by addictive games like World of Warcraft and Farmville, it puts gamification to use for good in your own head, and creates an instant feedback loop that drives you towards concentration and focus.

Quit automatically opening Twitter when the going gets tough; teach your brain better habits, kill distraction, and reach your goals.

Submitted by: Tim Perry
Twitter: @pimterry
Role: Designer & Developer
Country: Spain


Gene Crawford

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