Brand Aid

We’ll be in Nashville for BDConf in a couple of weeks, and I hope we run into these folks from Brand Aid Design. Their site proves that you can do don’t have to have all the bells and whistles on a site to make it effective. It’s simple and clean – and any whistles are subtle.

Whenever we see a portfolio or agency site submitted to Unmatchedstyle, we also like to look at their work, to get the breadth of their skills. And I may be spending the rest of the day looking at, and reading the site BA did for Ernest Hemingway

Submitted by: Jeremy Mansfield @jeremymansfield
Role: Designer & Developer

Newly “realigned” website for Brand Aid Design Co. matching up with newly focused internal business goals and a custom designed / programmed mobile first approach to the website resulting in clarity and simplicity of site visuals, structure and messaging.


Aaron Griswold

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