We hosted ConvergeSE this year in the Columbia Museum of Art (CMA). It was cool as we were running around, getting everything set up, whizzing past 16th, and 17th century paintings, to just stop and stare at the art for a few minutes – connecting to the past.

When I was looking at the Blocks website, something in it brought me back there. I’ve finally realized that it was the watercolor background of the animated .svg’s of the birdcages. One of the rarer pieces in the CMA is Claude Monet’s 1897 The Seine at Giverny, (image below). I don’t know if it was intentional, but the Blocks’ site combines the contemporary / trendy color scheme of many websites, with a different presentation that may help you connect to an offline medium.

Or – maybe Monet was just way ahead of his time (duh) – and forecasted color trends on the internet for 2013-2014?


Aaron Griswold

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