– Details are the details
– Built with Polymer ( I think )
– It’s really fast
– page to page transition
– good color palette
– it’s really really fast
– builds upon start up conference tropes
– photo of a chemex on the homepage, really?
– super sexy responsive

Surprising… ANOTHER startup conference / event. These have been everywhere lately and they are popping up like pigweed; and nearly as abundant as one page app sites and typically they all follow the exact same tropes. BUT (and this is a big but) this one is different its elegant, fast and appropriate and from what I can tell they used Polymer which I’ve heard a lot about but haven’t actually seen anything or know anyone who has utilized it and the details are there, man.

Don’t get me wrong the startup formula isn’t too far off with angular “techy” pattern, video background, and the ever popular hamburger menu but all of it is different enough to matter. They made most of those elements their own and the type, hierarchy, and spacing is on point. errr fleek. can’t remember which one is better. And those details are where a lot of these fall short.

The branding and color palette is complimentary to the experience, makes sense for the industry but its not super unique which isn’t a bad thing. It just means they know their market. The most impressive and the up and comer is the SVG animations those things add a lot to a page in terms of dynamism and can slow things down but in case I haven’t mentioned it, this site is fast.

I have no other way to describe the responsiveness on this site other than.. super sexy.

Like I said the details are there, man. This is the first site I’ve seen built with Polymer and if it is any sort of indication as to how well this project works, I look forward to seeing what else folks can do with it.


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