Ben Brignell

Let’s start this morning off with a good one – Ben Brignell does that for us! I really like the entire site – from the animation opening on the home page, to the javascript color changes you can make on the About page, ┬áto the project tags in his Work area (how many of you have Nun Research in your tag clouds?). Fun portfolio site that actually shows off your talent – not just in previous work, but for your own website too – many designers seem to just throw up a site to house their previous work, but forget that we are also looking at the attention (or lack of) that they pay to their own site. Ben’s site definitely falls into the former – awesome work!

Submitted by: Ben Brignell @benbrignell
Role: Designer & Developer

This submission is of my personal site. I feel that illustration or art directed content is generally lacking in responsive web design so I’ve kind of started with a responsive illustration on the home page.


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