Avocare Avocado Oil

I’ve been actually eating healthier this new year, and keeping in tune with foods and products that fit into more of a “Paleo” lifestyle. Avocare Avocado Oil fits that for me (healthy fat) – must learn more about it for personal use. Professionally, I’m looking at the site for design and business choices – and I like it. Food related sites should be vibrant in both the color choices and imagery, in order to fire the synapses in your brain that make you hungry. I think they’ve accomplished this, while also telling their story in a clean one-page design.

From the Designer: “Avocare is a provider of avocado cooking oil. The Avocare website was created on the Genesis WordPress framework and features CSS parallax scrolling, lazy background loading, and the SASS CSS styling extension.”

Submitted by: Brent Nau

Role: Designer

Twitter: @thriveideas


Aaron Griswold

Aaron is the Project Manager / Pathfinder for Unmatched Style / Period Three / ConvergeSE.com / BDConf.com. Aaron has an MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management in Sydney, Australia - and a BS in Business Management from the U of South Carolina. And he aims to be encouraging every day.