Aquatic Macroinvertebrates

Wow – this is an information architect’s dream site – the Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Collection site from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History out of Pittsburgh. IA’s will love the structure of the order of classification of living things – plus this site has a lot to offer with the time and interaction put into the site. Very cool. (Also like the fact that they use info from a professor from South Carolina… where we live)

From the site:

The Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Collection demonstration project is part of the Explorable Images design research collaboration between the University of Pittsburgh Center for Learning in Out-of-School Environments, Carnegie Mellon University’s CREATE Lab, and Carnegie Museum of Natural History to develop an open access cyberlearning infrastructure that enables the creation, exploration and mediation of high-resolution imagery and data representations over time.

Central to our work is the belief that learning to see, and seeing to learn is a fundamental practice of science. Funded by the NSF, we are designing, developing and producing a set of demonstration projects to study how explorable image technology can support innovative forms of participatory science learning through observation.


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