Amex Essentials

Pretty nifty, big commercial, project. I dig the details worked into the design/interactions and the overall way it’s presented visually. Cool looking project.

American Express Essentials is the definitive digital compendium of the best and brightest new ideas. Whether looking for ideas for your next vacation or the latest trends in food, fashion or design, American Express Essentials is your guide.

You will hear firsthand from the people who are changing the shape of contemporary living, from established, iconic names to experimental chefs, emerging designers and more – all united by a passion for excellence and innovation.

This website has been designed and implemented by Umwerk, Germany.


  1. Jack D.

    Really interesting project and kinda surprising to see this from American Express. I guess it shows how the brand is evolving. I love the content and those big images – this definitely speaks to me. Very neat!

  2. Paula

    I agree, it’s the little interactions that give the site its charm together with the actual stories. The stories are entertaining and colorful and don’t take themselves too seriously. This must be a big project for Amex and as a cardholder it’s cool to see this as I definitely hadn’t seen it before. Nice spot, Gene, and a site, I’ll come back to..

  3. AD

    What I like best is the simplicity. The temptation is always to do more – more animation, more effects, more video. This is deceptively simple. Not as simple as it looks though is what I’m guessing.


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