We’re seeing more and more animated gifs being used for more than just cats with lasers coming out of their eyes memes… we’re seeing them used as the main feature of some sites. Alphabreast has done this in a clean way that really gets their point across in this single page site. I also like the way they use the elements on the page to be the navigation.

Juliana Ossa, the designer, puts the rest better than I can:

From the Designer:
“ is a digital campaign conceptualized as a fun, playful and creative way to raise awareness towards breast cancer.

Alphabreast celebrates all types of breast with 26 fun animations from A-Z. When you come to the site you can share your favorite pair on Facebook and twitter and donate to Fuck Cancer”

Submitted by: Juliana Ossa
Role: Designer
Twitter: @ossajuli #alphabreast


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Creating Delight in Website Design and Development

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