Web Developer/Engineer for Bread Stand Coffee

We are creating a new company offering a home espresso machines, better than café coffee for $39.95/month. The company is called Bread Stand. The service is basically a high-end espresso machine that produces very good coffee simply, and better than Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts at the push of a button using regular whole beans. No pods. It makes a simple but perfect cup of coffee (or espresso if you prefer).

We are looking for a talented web developer who can be hip, stylish, and cool, but clearly embrace web standards, CSS, and responsive web design.

Ideally we’re looking for a team that can both design and implement the site, however we would be happy to work with a designer and an engineer separately. So if you’re one or the other, please apply.

You may be able to get equity and free coffee machines, but we pay first.

Create a style that wins awards and recognition. This should include recognition from other web developers who appreciate your standards compliance and modern cutting edge use of technologies such as responsive web design and mobile first. Create a style that users actively seek and enjoy with an experience that is memorable.

Produce an eCommerce site that is functional but streamlined. Be able to do recurring transactions, and design with simple code. No Java here. Design a site that can comply with standards such as PCI and provide and privacy. Outsourcing is encouraged – we like Amazon but Amazon doesn’t offer subscription services.

Communicates Value
Create a site that communicates the value of the offering, by using style rather than lots of words. Clever design should be used to help users understand the value proposition at hand, as well as provide them with confidence in the company and product offering.

To apply, send along three of your latest projects, and provide a brief explanation of your unique design and/or engineering styles and philosophies to

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