Super fun looking site here. I love the clean and simple nav at the top, and I tend to dig the carousels that show you a little something on either side of the active image. It’s a neat touch. The rest of the site has a sort of magazine layout. Everything is organized well, but each section stands out on its own. The little icons that tie back in with the logo are nice, but I think I’d like to see them carried through from the home page to their respective pages. Only having them on the home page makes them seem a bit superfluous. I like the use of gold and grey overall. It’s balanced well and lets the vibrancy of the images stand out.



Maria dedicates her days to designing for successful user experiences on the Internet. She currently helps manage digital style & standards at a Fortune 100 company and can also be found co-organizing a local UX Meetup Group in Charlotte, NC. Occasionally she dribbbles and throws.