Aaron Gustafson Interview – The Accessibility of Web Forms – Ep.82

Aaron Gustafson


Accessibility in Web Forms

Accessibility on the web is an area of growing concern for conscientious web designers. We all want to build websites that everyone can enjoy, regardless of connectivity or disability but it can be difficult to know exactly what we should be doing that to improve our websites.

Watch as Giovanni talks with Aaron Gustafson about the accessibility of web forms and how we, as designers, can change the way things are done to create better experiences for users.

About Aaron

aaron-gustafsonAaron is the Founder and Technical Lead of Easy Designs, where he helps clients elegantly tackle the challenges presented by all the crazy devices and screens you see everywhere.

Aaron managed the Web Standards Project (WaSP) and currently serves as an Invited Expert to the W3C’s Responsive Images Community Group  He is a Rosenfeld Media Expert  the Publisher of Web Standards Sherpa, and founded the Chattanooga Open Device Lab. He also co-founded the event series Code & Creativity and Retreats 4 Geeks.

Aaron wrote the web design book Jeffrey Zeldman calls a “modern classic”—Adaptive Web Design. He’s also contributed to more than a dozen other titles. He has written dozens of articles and shape dozens more during his tenure as Tech Editor for A List Apart.

You can follow him on Twitter or on his website.

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