Your Brain On Poker

Interesting technical website. I like the way you interact with the sections and the animations of the brains are well done indeed. It starts to feel more like a slideshow than a web app or website in the end. That’s not to say it’s wrong, just what it feels like to use the site.

From the Designer: “Your Brain on Poker is an interactive visualisation that throws light on the neural activity of online poker players,demonstrating how specific areas of the brain are affected by the game.
Commissioned by PartyPoker, the research and accompanying visualisation monitored neural electrical activity and neatly show how different parts of the brain are stimulated by events that take place during a game of poker.
Using an EEG (Electroencephalography) headset, provided and monitored by research agency SimpleUsability, players of varying skill levels were tasked with competing in multiple online poker games while their brain activity was analysed using state-of-the-art software.
Game events analysed included the Deal, Flop, Turn and River, as well as player betting actions such as the ‘Raise’, ‘Call’, ‘Check’ or going ‘All-in.’”

Submitted by: Joel Turner
Twitter: @JoelTurner
Role: Operations Director at @blueclaw
Designer: Vlad Kuzmin
Twitter: @tapatun

Comissioned for: @partypoker


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