“Design is really about solving problems” – Amen. I can see that UXPin’s philosophy, matches the way they go about their design for their site too. Love the simple home page, that is still layered with a video background of the product, but more as texture than a main feature.

What I really like is the Tour page. This is scroll jacking, but again, it has purpose, and is less invasive than other’s you’ve seen. It’s a good compromise between form and function, and well, function (UX and marketing functions). I like this company too, and should probably be using their product more – it looks like it’s grown since I last used UXPin.




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Microinteractions are subtle site animations enhancing engagement. They include triggers, rules, feedback, and sometimes loops/modes. Practical uses: improving engagement, guiding user behavior. Well-designed microinteractions boost user engagement and your online presence.