Purple Rock Scissors


Best use of video background work (and other things too) we’ve seen so far – coming from Purple Rock Scissors out of Orlando. Every page has a hand-crafted look – whether it’s the fast loading video backgrounds, the animated SVG work, or that cool list view with full-width background image banners that it becoming more prevalent. Good transition work too between pages (scroll to end of page, click bottom, go to next page). This site probably deserves an in-depth review (but we’ve been putting on a conference, Grok, this week – so the best I can tell you today is just click through the entire site – it’s really good work).




  1. Marcus Williamson

    This site it boss. All the transitions and video bg. It’s beautifully well done for sures. Good find

    • purplerockscissors

      Thank you! @dannydev:disqus put a lot of elbow grease into making that code squeaky clean.


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