Prime Minister Office of India

I don’t think when I started writing for Unmatchedstyle, that I thought I would be reviewing the Prime Minister of India’s website – but here it is.

From what I can tell from his site, PM Narendra Modi seems like a hip and with it leader – a good bridge between India’s past and future (I have no political views, just taking in what I see and read from the site). I think the site designers have done a good job in showing that in the imagery, the content, ties to social media, and in some subtle aspects of the site’s accessibility – it plays well towards older and younger audiences in other words. (Most government sites are horrible – all across the world – and finding a balance between making sure your older audience can access the site, and your younger audience cares about the site, and subsequently what is going on in their government – that balance is essential on government sites – they’ve foundĀ it here.)



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