A random Google search brought me to the site of AJ Marksberry and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I really dig what AJ has done. It’s a straight up portfolio site which does an excellent job of selling his skills and representing his work, but it also is a fresh way to fold in a bit of his personal interests too.

There are subtle nods to his obvious love for fishing throughout the site but it’s not done in an entirely ancillary way. The smartest integration I think is on the Process page. The illustrations go beyond just being fun and actually have thought and context behind them. This tells me a lot about how this “UX professional” thinks. Otherwise on the site, he uses color smartly. The overall visual aesthetic is interesting and well balanced. When I get to the About page, I think I’d like to see one less typeface, but on the whole I think the copy layout works. I consider this a gem found in my web mining experiment.


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