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Simple and beautiful form sliders for any bootstrap-based project. We love these sliders because the jQuery is very easy to work with and the overall code quality is fantastic. The styles are minimal with all the mobile and touch support you could want. These bootstrap sliders are based on an awesome bootstrap slider plugin. Not only are they completely responsive, as you would expect from any bootstrap component, this drop uses the foundation of a great plugin with beautiful CSS3 to get them looking up to par and production ready.

You should use this slider if you need vertical and horizontal orientation, want to easily set minimum and maximum values, set your increments with a proper step indicator, if you want different shapes for the handles, or (last but not least) touch support.


The download includes the CDN for the latest version of bootstrap to get you going. Integrating this bootstrap slider into your project does require Bootstrap 3+ for seamless integration with our styles. It also requires the bootstrap slider plugin previously mentioned.

Code Structure

The HTML5 for the Bootstrap sliders is very straightforward and easy to work with leaving you to focus on customizing the styles and/or integrating into a backend. The HTML is included below for reference. Please note that the input html5 “data-” tags are being used to control different parameters for your sliders inline.

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to leave feedback and let us know if you use this drop! Happy surfing.

License (it’s Free to use!):

Kickdrop resources can be used freely in personal websites, client projects, portfolios, or any other commercial projects. You may absolutely never take our work “as-is” and redistribute it or sell it anywhere else.
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