Introducing BizCraft


First Episode Friday June 15th @ 2:00 PM EST

WTH Is BizCraft?

This is a live podcast/show, we’re not entirely sure what to call it, but we’ll be doing the show twice a month and hope some of you will call or email in with your questions about running a web design business. We’ll go through some of our past experiences with clients, talk about things we’re planning for our businesses, share tall tales and try to figure things out live on the internet together.

Ask Us A Question!

Need to get something off your chest? Need some help with a certain client situation? Planning some big sweeping changes with your business? Please send us your question and we’ll discuss it live on the internet. Hit up this form for an email question or record your question and send that in so we can play it on the show.

Your Hosts


About Carl Smith

Carl Smith is the Chief Keeper Upper of nGen Works and irreverent ditcher of the nine-to-five.

Owner and founder of nGen Works, Carl Smith runs an unconventional distributed team that works with businesses to redefine their identities and ideals. Carl has made a name for himself in client services by creating a new framework for how we get things done, and by enabling us to realign our creative communities. When he’s not conducting riveting business experiments with his nGeneers or consulting for global trendsetters, he’s busy sculpting a new face for the world of work.


About Gene Crawford

Gene Crawford is the editor of this here website:, current president of South Carolina AIGA, writer for .Net Magazine (the print version) and founder/organizer of the conference(s).

Mostly though he’s been running Period Three, a web design and development company, for almost 10 years. He’s been working on internet projects since 1992 (yeah you read that right… *sigh*) Period Three is not distributed or fancy, it’s a simple design and build based web shop that just tries to keep it’s head above water by doing what they love.


Gene Crawford

With over a decade of experience in the industry he has overseen the design and architecture of hundreds of web sites and applications. An active member in the design community, he's the editor & producer of, the ConvergeSE, ConvergeFL, ConvergeRVA and the Breaking Development conference series.

  • Dave Rupert

    UNFAIR! This is too much of a power team :)

    Just kidding, guys. Really excited for the show.

    • Gene Crawford

      Thanks Dave!

  • david sherman

    Pl email reminder for the podcast, with thanks.

    • Gene Crawford

      You bet David! Make sure you’re signed up for the email newsletter too. It’s in the footer of the site here.

  • Chris Harrison

    Two of my favorite people on the web, together, bringing forth the awesomeness. Kick ass! I’ll be watching.

    • Gene Crawford

      Awww thanks Chris!

  • John Coates

    Exciting! It’s going to be a great podcast, except the whole Carl part of it (kidding! what a power team for this subject).

    • Gene Crawford

      Thanks John! Hope you tune in man.

  • Trent Walton

    This is going to be epic! Dave and I have both had to speak immediately after one of Carl’s powerhouse talks at conferences, and well… Gene… Everybody loves Mean Gene!

    • Gene Crawford

      Carl is the man!

      Love you too Trent!

  • JD Graffam

    I’m looking forward to learning from both of you. Unmatched Jellyfish? Yessiree Bob. This is going to rock.

    • Gene Crawford

      I like the sound of that JD.

  • Jason VanLue

    Well I GUESS this MIGHT have a CHANCE of being OKAY…maybe…

    • Gene Crawford

      We’ll try our best man!

      • Jason VanLue

        It’ll be epic, can’t wait.

  • Carl Smith

    What the hell is going on in here?

    Thanks for the kind words everybody. Gene and I crack each other up so I’m confident we’ll share some knowledge and have some laughs.

  • Kris Black

    I’m so fortunate to be able to live in the same town where all this ground-level web excitement is happening. I can’t wait for BizCraft to start releasing shows! This is the perfect resource for the state of our industry and economy. Good luck guys!

    • Gene Crawford

      Thanks Kris, don’t set the expectations too high now. :)

  • Newman5

    Just an observation – It might be cool to put the link to the podcast somewhere in the post. I know it’s up there in the menu… but… It *is* titled ‘Introducing BizCraft’

    Looking forward to listening – My buddy and I talk web design and UX {bullocks or not} on a podcast,too –

    I found you guys via RemixSouth… Oh Crap~! You’ve got Giovanni. I know this is gonna be good. Cheers!