CSSOff 2013 is GO


Prepare for Honorable Markup Mayhem

Announcing CSSOff 2013

The CSSOff is back for another round of honorable battle. Test your skills against a truly legendary field of opponents. All registered competitors will receive the design via e-mail on November 12th, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT US and will have two weeks to complete the project. The final due date for all entries is November 26th, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT US.

The Design

The 2013 CSSOff contest design has been created by Honorable Sensei Dan Mall (@danielmall) this year’s design is not unlike last year’s where you will be tested beyond your limits. It should be a challenge like last year’s design from Paravel.

About Dan

Dan MallDan Mall is an award-winning designer from Philadelphia, an enthralled husband, and new dad. As the Founder & Design Director at SuperFriendly, Dan and his team defeat apathy and the forces of evil with heroic creative direction, design, & strategy. He’s also co-founder of Typedia and swfIR, and sings/plays keyboard for contemporary-Christian band Four24. Dan was formerly Design Director at Big Spaceship, Interactive Director at Happy Cog, and a technical editor for A List Apart. He writes about design and other issues on Twitter and on his industry-recognized site, danielmall.com plus his design company superfriend.ly.

Sign Up

Get full details and updates about CSSOff at UnmatchedStyle.com/CSSOff/. If you haven’t already signed up to be notified by email, get on the list now grasshopper.


Gene Crawford

With over a decade of experience in the industry he has overseen the design and architecture of hundreds of web sites and applications. An active member in the design community, he's the editor & producer of unmatchedstyle.com, the ConvergeSE, ConvergeFL, ConvergeRVA and the Breaking Development conference series.

  • chris field

    hi! thanks. this is great!

  • The rules weren’t very clear about this; are preprocessors (LESS/Sass) allowed?

    • unmatchedstyle

      Since we’re using codepen to house all the submissions, you can use what you want, but we’ll be judging the compiled CSS, not the Sass or any other part of the process to create the final HTML/CSS work. Make sense?

  • Dimo Trifonov

    I didn’t understand if JS and it’s libraries are allowed.

    • unmatchedstyle

      Yep, they are allowed.

  • Surendra Vikram Singh

    I am confused, We have to submit a zip folder & Pen both?

    If Yes, How to upload assets(i.e. images ) in a Pen?

  • Anders

    This starts tomorrow?

    • unmatchedstyle

      Yes, starts Nov 12th.