Woot Minions


Woot doesn’t disappoint with their new “affiliate program” page more appropriately named Woot Minions. They deliver all the (would be) boring business-y talk in the same uber-creative manner as their product descriptions. The content is paired with strong illustrations that polish off the fun personality and has a layout that carries you through well. Overall, it’s a great page that’s sure to draw in the tireless, gullible fans they’re seeking out.

Review by: Maria Frey
@mariafrey | mariafrey.com

  • pretty hillarious… and probably more truth than exageration, and so refreshing for it. love the character behind (and within) it… props to woot and good find maria.

  • I love that Olde English typeface they’re using too. That’s a nice touch.

  • I agree Gene. The typeface kind of ties in to the doom and gloom feel of the illustrations.