I really like the implied simplicity in this home page design. The stark background and hard edges on all the elements leads you to see this as a very simple layout, however it isn’t, the grid is complex enough to pull your eye down from the large slideshow images past the 6 services area marquees, then down into the more text heavy areas of the page. The footer area is also interesting how it mostly doesn’t read as a footer like we’re all used to looking at, but has relevant content that follows you around the site but blends in with the overall page designs. Nice work here.


Gene Crawford

With over a decade of experience in the industry he has overseen the design and architecture of hundreds of web sites and applications. An active member in the design community, he's the editor & producer of, the ConvergeSE, ConvergeFL, ConvergeRVA and the Breaking Development conference series.

  • I think they’ve done a great job putting together a fairly large site with subsites and making it look simple – like Gene said. I’ve been loving that highlighted text trend and it’s cool to see it used on a different kind of site like this. Good job also on the simple subpage layouts with the nifty slideshows.

    On the subpage – When it comes to low contrast areas, I wonder how much it should be taken into consideration that some monitors aren’t going to pick up on it. I couldn’t see that grey/white area at all on the subpage until I moved it to another monitor.

  • Agreed on the subpage comment Julia. I also knew you’d dig seeing a site that wasn’t a portfolio or personal blog type.