Focus Lab is a repeat DE-fender (of awesomeness) here on UMS. Last summer they launched a stellar site for themselves and now they’ve gone and done the same again. The new site maintains a strong sense of typography, balance, and color that the last one had. There are a few nice animations speckled throughout, and there’s an introduction of a bit of texture that adds an overall finesse. Most notably however is the treatment of the portfolio section. Everything is nicely done from the large imagery to the varying color palette for each client. They’ve also made smart use of space with a static header that keeps the project name/details and CTA link prominent as you scroll through each piece of work. Kudos to these guys, they made one good-looking site. The only downside to this whole thing is that I didn’t win the Monocle Man Challenge.

  • Thanks for the love again, we are excited about the new site and looking forward to a great 2012!

  • I really love this site – it reminds me of putting on a clean, crisp white shirt in the morning…style without too much splash. The portfolio area is fantastic. Very classy!

  • The understated elegance and well polished attention to details make this one of the best designs I’ve seen lately. Kudos!

  • Thank you @elizabeth and @lucian for the kind words!

  • You are welcome @Bill – you should be proud!